Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Naterfish Best Pet

The Daily Kool's beloved pooch Pepper, has just turned 9 years, time is definitely flying by quickly. Though he still acts like a puppy much of the time, we have noticed that things are slowing down just a little bit for him. The vet has told us his hips are beginning to weaken, as is often common for a standard poodle of his age. Plus, we've seen the extra hesitation when he jumps in the car, on the couch, and especially on the bed...yep, it's definitely time to get Pepper a pet ramp.

Why a ramp and not stairs, you ask (yes, we heard you)? Though both stairs and ramps are great for reducing the impact and stress associated with jumping on or off higher surfaces, we feel that the smooth and virtually impact-free design of a ramp is a better option for most pets...well, at least for ours.
Since Pepper is a larger dog (and admittedly quite clumsy at times), we want to make sure that we invest in a ramp that is sturdy enough to virtually guarantee he won't fall off of it. Plus, since the ramp will become a permanent fixture in our home, we'd like to have one that blends in nicely with our wood finished bedroom furniture. So, which pet ramp is the best? And safest?

Check out the Naterfish pet ramp at Best Pet These have to be some of the most beautiful pet ramps we've seen on the market yet...and we've done our research! The company boasts the safest and strongest indoor pet ramps on the market...that's quite a claim.
Custom hand-finished (not factory made) and able to accommodate weight in excess of 300lbs, these pet ramps certainly seem unlikely to slip, tip over or fall apart. Yet, they are light enough to easily move when necessary to clean or make the bed...if you're a stickler for that kind of thing. The quality of the Naterfish pet ramps at Best Pet certainly seems top of the line, and we love all of the customizable options they offer. Best Pet offers three different heights (3ft, 4ft and 5ft) as well as three different width options to accommodate pets of all sizes. With a choice of seven wood finishes, six carpet colors, this is one pet ramp that would be an attractive addition to any bedroom.

Some of the Naterfish pet ramps at
Best Pet feature models that include a safety rail which helps prevent your dog or cat from accidentally stepping off the side of the bed ramp. We love, love love this idea, especially since the rail can be placed on either side of the ramp and changed anytime. The Daily Kool is very disappointed to note that the website is not offering the safety rail option at this time...hopefully, this is just temporary. We have to say that the safety rail was one of the biggest selling points for us, and what truly sets this company apart from the least in our humble opinions. We have to admit that we would never have missed the safety rail if Best Pet had taken the description off of its website when they stopped offering it. But now that the idea is permanently fixed in our minds, we just cannot let it go...we're strange like that.

Even without the safety rail, the Naterfish pet ramps at
Best Pet are undoubtedly the "koolest" pet ramps that we have come across online. Like most pet owners, we want to make sure we keep our dog as healthy as possible...protecting his hips, joints and back from injuries is a major concern for us. Let's not forget how pet ramps benefit our own backs...hey, we're getting older too, and Pepper is not quite as easy lift as you might think! A Naterfish pet ramp at Best Pet is a great, worry-free solution to protecting Pepper and helping him retain mobility with age, and most definitely a "kool" idea.

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