Friday, July 3, 2009

Today's Kool Idea: Windshield Wonder, As Seen On TV

The Daily Kool family does a lot of driving. In fact, between work, school and enrichment activities for the kids, it often seems as if we practically live in our car. By the end of the week, our poor Saturn looks like a bomb has hit it...snacks, juice boxes, papers and toys are strewn all over the place. We've seen people recoil from the shock, shake their heads in wonder or, if they're parents, simply nod in commiseration at the mess of our car....yep, it can be pretty embarrassing! So, Fridays have now become the official "car cleaning" day in our household, and everyone has a job. No one ever complains...except whoever is responsible for window cleaning. The fingerprints and dog snot (Pepper loves taking rides in the car) are not such a big deal. The windshield, however, is another matter altogether. Our car has a pretty deep slope in the front, requiring us to drum up our best contortionist skills to clean it deep down. We admit it, our flexibility is quite pathetic...thus, so are our windshields.

We came across the As Seen on TV Windshield Wonder in our local Walgreens a couple of weeks ago...somehow we missed the infomercial for this one. This is by no means a complicated product, and since we admit to being a little more simple-minded than most, it seemed perfect for our windshield cleaning needs. Why oh why didn't we think of this first? The Windshield Wonder boasts a combination of a microfiber cleaning cloth, long ergonomic handle and pivoting head to make windshield cleaning fast and easy. We have to admit, Telebrands has a winner with this one. The Windshield Wonder's 16" handle really helps reach all the way down to the dash, all while sitting comfortably in the front seat. It even folds for easy storage in the glove compartment (though we keep ours in the front door pocket). The curvature of the unique pivoting head is similar to the windshield, providing even pressure across surfaces for a streak and smudge-free clean every time. Plus, the microfiber cloth/bonnet is uniquely suited for cleaning windows and other glass surfaces, with fibers that open up to grab particles of dirt and dust. Yes, yes, yes...we know that the supposed benefit of a microfiber cloth is the ability to use plain tap water for outstanding results. Call us inept (and trust us, many people have), but plain water just doesn't work for us. So, we simply put our Method Best in Glass cleaner in the little spray bottle that came with our Windshield Wonder...perfect!

Since we don't have to strain from the driver seat to use the As Seen on TV
Windshield Wonder, it has been terrific for handling the fogginess that hinders our vision when driving in the rain. We simply wait until we're at a red light and give our windshield a couple of quick swipes to clear the glass right straining, and no flexibility necessary. We even bought an extra Windshield Wonder to keep inside the house. It works wonders (no pun intended) on the high glass mirrors in the bathrooms...have we mentioned that we are vertically challenged? Yes, that means short! The bottom line is that the As Seen on TV Windshield Wonder by Telebrands is one of those products that does exactly what it says for a price that won't break the bank...we love it when that happens. Plus, it's easy enough for the kids to use...we especially love that! Definitely a "kool" idea.

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